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Works Parliamentary Committee Chair calls for suspension of toll fee increase


Honourable Bashiru Silikie, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Works and Public Assets, has requested that the Minister of Works and Public Assets Dr. Dennis Sandy and the China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG), temporarily suspend the scheduled initiation of the new toll gate fees on March 1, 2024.

This action was prompted by the Ministry of Works and Public Assets’ announcement of a toll gate fee increase exceeding 100 per cent for the Wellington-Masiaka highway, causing widespread apprehension among Sierra Leoneans across the country.

Numerous individuals are concerned that the rise in toll fees will worsen the existing transportation difficulties, especially for Freetown residents. Some contend that the heightened toll charges will negatively affect businesses, especially those in agriculture, by disrupting the flow of goods along the supply chain.

According to a report by AYV’s Amadu Lamrana Bah, Hon. Silikie also requested the submission of a preliminary assessment of the revised pricing formula for toll gate charges, along with other documents such as traffic data and financial reports, to Parliament. 

The updated toll adjustments are as follows: Group 1 – Tricycles will increase to NLE 3 from NLE 1, Group 2 – Taxis will rise to NLE 5 from NLE 2, Group 3 – SUVs and Jeeps will climb to NLE 10 from NLE 4, Group 4 – Light trucks will escalate to NLE 40 from NLE 18, Group 5 – Heavy-duty trucks will soar to NLE 700 from NLE 183, and Group 6 – Fuel bowsers will ascend to NLE 250 from NLE 100.

Furthermore, committee members have urged a reevaluation of the agreement between the Government and CLSG.

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