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Amnesty International calls for end of impunity on rapists in Sierra Leone

The human right campaign group Amnesty International has called for an end of impunity for rapists in Sierra Leone, this call came after a 5 year old girl known as Kadijatu Saccoh, died as a result of rape. Meanwhile, dozens of Sierra Leoneans took to the streets of Freetown on Monday June 22, 2020 to call for justice for the death of Kadijatu and all other victims of rape and sexual penetration in Sierra Leone. The protesters also demands for a forensic lab to help with gathering evidence in rape cases.

Sierra Leone have over 20,000 street children  

The Minister of Gender and Children’s Affair, Madam Manti Tarawallie has revealed to the nation that there are 20,000 neglected children as young as 6 years old living on the streets of Sierra Leone. According to the Minister she believes that the parents of these children are out there, but none of them are complaining about their missing children. She further states that they will be holding parents responsible for neglecting their children, just as the public holds the government responsible for failing to address national issues. 

20 COVID-19 hotspots identified in Western Area

As the country continues to record more cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Team has identified over 20 hotspots in the Western Area and there are 11 health centers that will be used as testing centers. Mr. Alfred Jamiru, Leader National Social Mobilisation Pillar said as they have identified these 20 hotspots  communities in Western Area they will soon commence rapid testing in the 11 highlighted health centers. Currently, the country has registered 1,354 confirmed cases of the pandemic and Western Area records over 70% of those cases. 

Government officials to face suspension if found not wearing face mask

The new regulations by the National COVID-19 Response Team has made it mandatory for all members of the public to wear face mask properly before being granted access to any public building. The regulations also made it mandatory on all government officials, emphasizing that “All government officials found to be in violation of these regulations in a public building shall pay a fine of up to SLL 500,000 or be suspended from duty.” 

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