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U.S loans COVID-19 equipment to Sierra Leone’s Military & Ministry of Health

The U.S Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Maria Brewer has on May 22 met with Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Defence, Colonel (Retired) Muana Brima Massaquoi to loan vital logistical equipment in order to fight the COVID-19 virus. This loan was done as a way to meet the specific needs of Sierra Leone at a critical time like this when COVID-19 is spreading around the world and one key element to minimize the spread is by providing a safe and secure place for positive test patients of the virus, by isolating them from the rest of the society.  The peacekeeping and counterterrorism equipment loaned by the U.S will be used by the Military and Ministry of Health to construct isolation facilities for mildly symptomatic patients. The equipment includes 2 water purification units, 5 support vehicles, 4 ambulances, 1 water bowser, 2 generators, and 53 tents with cots and bedding.

Police witness says Paolo Conteh bypassed the scanning machine at State House

The second persecution witness, of the case between Former Minister of Defence, Alfred Paolo Conteh, and the State has testified that the accused person bypassed the scanner at State House. Constable Kemoh Varkie, operator of the scanner at State House said that the scanner is situated close to the reception at State House, the machine goes with a metal detector and before anyone access the reception, he or she needs to drop his or her bag at the scanner which will reveal anything that is inside the bag. Varkie further said he was on duty with Sergent. Kposowa M.M and Staff Sergent. Dauda Yemi that day and they were aware that there will be a COVID-19  press conference, which they had the list of attendees, the first set of people came in and go through the right procedure. Later on, he saw Paolo Conteh bypassing the scanning machine and did not use the metal detector, until when he asked him to use the scanning machine then Paolo outrightly handover his bag and said he has a pistol in there. Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to be continued today 29 May 2020.  

Sierra Leone parliament opens despite tight COVID-19 rules 

The Parliament of Sierra Leone has reopened, yesterday the 28 May 2020 despite the country has a daily increase in cases of the COVID-19 virus and there are tight rules to reduce the spread of the virus. The opening of the parliament is done in line with section 84 of Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution, which proves that there is a session of parliament once every year to mark the end and beginning of another session of parliament. During this period the country sitting president will deliver an address on the state of the Nation, an event that is always used to be colorful and crowded with people, but it is different this year because of the COVID-19 virus. According to AYV, this opening will be the transitioning of the 5th Parliament of Sierra Leone into the 3rd session marking the end of the 2nd which is a constitutional provision and it was done virtually (online). 

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