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Government exceeds health workers demands

The government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Finance after meeting with medical doctors in Sierra Leone is set to provide over 100% COVID-19 compensation package demanded by medical doctors in Sierra Leone. According to the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, the government will provide 105% of the demands made by the medical personnel. He made this statement while signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Sierra Leone Nurse Association (NSA), the Sierra Leone Association of  Community Health Officers (SLACHO),   and the Pharmaceutical Society of Sierra Leone.  

Western area declaration as COVID-19 hotspot 

Western area has been declared a coronavirus hotspot with the highest number of confirmed cases. The region now has 51 registered cases out of the 61 total cumulative confirmed cases, with Western Urban so far has 43 cases while Western Rural has 8 cases. On 31 March 2020, the country recorded its index case of the virus which came from the Western Urban, 6 people have so far recovered.  

New Study urges for more COVID-19 education to market women

A new study released by Feminist United Sierra Leone and its allies has shown that 11% of market women don’t have any knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic. The study further shows that 19-20% of women do not know how the disease is being transmitted and what social distancing means. The report also shows that 34% of these women in the different market places do not have access to water for handwashing and 63% do not have hand sanitizer likewise. While other parts of the report show that 92% do not have a face mask, 31% live in a compound with 6 or 10 other families. The study at the end indicates recommendations to address these issues in order to curb the virus. 

Due to Coronavirus thousands of Sierra Leoneans are losing jobs

Amid the rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases, thousands of Sierra Leoneans are losing their jobs on a daily basis across all sectors. The majority amongst all is the tourism sector and well as those working for Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) getting funds from European nations where the disease is out of control. An investigation has uncovered that the majority of the country’s hotels, motels, guest houses have closed and shut down operations. Whiles vulnerable and deprived people and communities benefiting from NGOs and INGOs are going through serious constraints in accessing different necessities. Families losing jobs are worried and they are experiencing sleepless nights over how they could survive COVID-19 with loved ones after they have been relieved off work. 

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