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African Development Bank commits their support to Lungi Bridge construction. 

Akinwuni Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has said they are committed in supporting the construction of the Lungi Bridge project and as well will continue to support national development in the country. This commitment was made on Thursday the 12th March 2020 at State House in Freetown. He further states that upon the completion of the bridge’s architectural work and project cost, the bank will look at the structure, financing gap, risk analysis, cost-effectiveness and later come in with their support either in the form of co-funding or work with credible partners. But, they will advise more on the cost. 

Freetown Mayor celebrated as ‘Water Hero’.

On Wednesday the 10 of March 2020, Water Aid UK held its first Water and Climate summit in the UK, which the Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki Sawyer was celebrated as “Water Hero”. Water Heroes are people who are on the frontline of climate action in developing countries from various walks of life. She was given the opportunity to share her experience on the effects of climate change in Freetown and how she, as a leader, is taking action through the Transform Freetown initiative. She finally had a round table discussion with other participants to mobilize on the finance for climate-resilient, water and sanitation services in developing countries.  

President Bio engages with the World Bank Director on coronavirus.

President Dr. Julius Madda Bio has engaged with the World Bank Country Director Pierre Frank Laporte, on the country’s preparedness on how to tackle any possible case of the coronavirus. In the engagement, President Bio said that as a government they have been working very hard and put in place quite a lot of things to keep the country safe. He further said using the experience from the ebola outbreak they had put together different precautionary measures with more to be done. World Bank Director said he was happy to be in the country and thanked the President for making time to see them. He further said they were concerned about the pandemic, which has been affecting the rest of the world, they were ready to support countries in case of any possible outbreak and they are pleased with the country’s level of preparedness on how to tackle the pandemic.

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