5 reasons why people listen to radio in Sierra Leone #worldradioday


Sierra Leone joins the rest of the world in celebrating the 9th anniversary of World Radio Day. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Radio and Diversity”. Radio is a very important means of getting and distributing information in Sierra Leone, citizens tune in to their various radio stations to get news on entertainment, sports, politics, etc.

World radio day is commemorated to recognize radio as a means of teaching individuals, transmitting information and promoting the opportunity of expression across the globe. The main purpose of observing the day is to make the public and the media be aware of the significance of the radio. It also encourages decision-makers to establish better access to information through the medium and build networks towards building international cooperation among various broadcasters. 

To celebrate this day we’ve highlighted 5 reasons why people listen to radio in Sierra Leone. 

It builds communities.

Radio is a social medium that encourages participation and engagement in people’s homes, business places, and offices. The reach of radio dominates newer technologies.

It informs, educates and entertains.

Programs are broadcasted in languages understood by the audience. Some educational programs include nutrition information for mothers, medical updates for health workers, conservation farming for farmers, or school lessons for children. They also broadcast entertainment-related issues and give the latest entertainment news.

It saves lives in terms of disaster. 

Whenever disaster strikes people turn on their radio to get the latest updates and preventive measures. It helps survivors locate lost survivors and give them access to food, water, shelter and health care. It provides social support and courage to the distressed.

It is cheap and portable.

Radio sets are less expensive and affordable than other forms of media gadgets. The production cost of radio shows is low compared to creating content for TV and other visual platforms. People can listen to their radio at any time, anywhere and one does not need to plug into electric currents to listen to the radio. 

Radio is trusted.

Most people trust the news from the radio, for example, British Broadcasting Cooperation World Service (BBC), Radio Democracy, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC) and most often community radios. People most times called the radio their friend and it reaches all categories of people no matter the age, religion, opinion or race.

In Sierra Leone radio is the simplest form of getting information more especially for people living in the provinces, unlike some people residing in the urban areas who totally depend on the internet, TV, and newspaper to get news and information about happenings. Some do not only listen to the radio for information but also to learn and get entertained. 


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