500 kids in Kono celebrate Christmas with Adbulai’s Christmas Campaign


500 Kids in Kono had enough reason to smile thanks to the Abdulai’s Christmas Campaign.

The Abdulai’s Christmas Campaign for Sierra Leone held it annual Christmas party for over 500 children from Bongalow, Kissi Bona and Koeyor Communities in Koidu Town, Kono District in honor of the Richer’s Family in America.

This year’s celebration was held at the Diomplor Primary School in Bongalow, Kania junction. Kids from the three communities were in attendance and most of them participated in competitions. 

The ceremony was opened with prayers from both the Christian and Muslim side by the kids.

There was enough food, drinks, snacks and activities which the children enjoyed for Free. The activities included dancing, poem recitation, scripture reading and spelling bee. Winners of the various competitions had a take home price and all the participants were awarded with gifts. The celebration was brought to an end by each child receiving a gift bag. This year’s celebration was super exciting as all the kids had a great time together.

Scripture Reading

Abdulai Gad Swaray is a war orphan from Sierra Leone who was raised in an orphanage in Bo District. He is the founder of the Abdulai’s Christmas Campaign. He is currently based in the US. The campaign is about bringing joy to less privileged children in the country during the Christmas holiday. 

Abdula Gad Swaray

Swaray decided to dedicate this year’s Christmas party to the Richer’s family who have been a strong pillar to him and his family as a way to show his appreciation.

The Abdulai’s Christmas campaign for Sierra Leone is a vision swarray had as a boy growing up in an orphanage. Growing up, he saw rich kids going out enjoying Christmas, have a lot to eat and drink, Unfortunately, that was not the case for him he says.

This anticipated him to help other less privileged kids when he grows older. This vision was manifested two years ago and the Campaign was first held in Bo District. 


  1. Saa Umaru Biango 30 December, 2019 at 17:32 Reply

    Thanks, Jane for making sure that this gesture Gad undertook reaches the world to inspire and motivate others in other parts of the world to give back home.

    For Gad, the beneficiaries appreciate the charity and are hoping that you have more money and help from others to do more for them in the years to come.

    • Ishiaka Biango 31 December, 2019 at 00:06 Reply

      A special thanks appreciation to you my brother( Gad), for such a gesture towards the under previllege children in Sierra Leone, precisely in Koidu city Kong District. Thank you Miss Jane Williams, for such a wonderful report on this medium.

  2. Ishiaka Biango 31 December, 2019 at 00:40 Reply

    A special thanks and appreciation to you my brother (Gad), for such a wonderful gesture for the under privileged children in Sierra Leone, particular in Kono District for funding such a party for kids. It’s amazing and very thoughtful of you.
    Thank you Jane for such a report.

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