Sierra Leone’s best brands for 2019 – The Game Changers


A game-changer is something new that alters traditional procedures or concepts this may be a new person, idea, brand, event or protocol that upends the established order. Something that is a game-changer is radical and disruptive, usually in a positive way.

The term game-changer is a sports term that was adopted by the business community. 

Switsalone will look at brands that served as game-changers for 2019

Here we honor the best brands of 2019.

These brands stood out during the course of 2019, acting as game-changer to other brands in their industry. They were the pace-setters and because of them, we are thankful for a lot of positive change.

Zoom is a one-stop photo studio that has been able to stand the test of time in terms of its services and visibility in the country. They are located at 78 Dundas Street, Freetown. For the past two years there has been an uprise of photo studios all over the country. None has been fortunate enough to dim the light that shines at zoom studio. They always have cute pictures that leave a smile on the faces of their customers whenever they visit them. This leaves them coming back for more. They are always consistent in their delivery. Their services are studio photography, event photography, documentary photography, video production/editing, and career photography.

Photos from Zoom Studio

Chicken Town is a fast food restaurant that has been around for about 7 months. That may not seem like a long time their impact has been felt. They are located at No. 39 Old Railway Line, Brookfields, Freetown. Their name is on the lips of almost all the youth in the Western Urban Area and they all want to go there for the C Town experience. Their meals mainly consist of chicken as the name implies.  They are open to the public from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to midnight. Chicken Town is all about Great Food, Great Vibe, and Great Service!

The story of chicken town

Q-Cell is a mobile network that has been in existence for just 11 months in Sierra Leone. Within that short time they have managed to get their name on the lips of almost every Sierra Leonean living in Freetown. They offer internet services at the most affordable price ever, giving room for competition among other network providers in the country.

SLBC TV/Radio or Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcasting television station of Sierra Leone. In 2019, they have performed exceptionally well. It was originally called SLBS before an act of parliament to incorporate it and the name was changed to its present name. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services (SLBS) was created by the government in 1934 making it the earliest English language radio broadcast service in West Africa. Their Freetown headquarters produces 2 television channels for Freetown, one of which is intermittently distributed by satellite for relays in Bo, Kenema, and Makeni. Morning coffee is the best news and current affairs programs all over the country. People from the provinces recognize only morning coffee as an authentic radio program that covers issues that affect them. Also, the logo and visual graphics on-screen has really transformed the look and feel of the SLBC brand. We hail your professionalism.

Nina’s Coffee is a homemade coffee that is prepared with love and attention. For every sip you take makes you feel the love that it emanates. Each batch receives the attention a mother pays to her family’s morning pot of coffee. Small roasting batches and is 100% organic with no added synthetic products which help to give the coffee a depth of flavor not found in store-bought alternatives. The beans that go into it are authentically Sierra Leonean which coffee comes from a small town in Kono District call Yekebema. 

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