Avoid these 5 things in Sierra Leone this Christmas season


The holidays are here and the time for misplaced priorities is at our door step.
You can chill but do you need to attend every event? Do you need to buy new outfits to attend events? Beware! January nor get neba.
Below are five tips on what you should avoid doing this holiday.

This is the first and most important. People tend to waste money on irrelevant things during the holidays and end up going bankrupt or in debt.
This is when they say ” January too long n e get tit o.” Yes! E go bet u if u overspend. Learn to spend wisely, know your priorities and create a budget to avoid January’s wahala.
Note these few steps:
Identify your income and deduct your bills and taxes. Take note of your expenses, list them.
Set your goals. Everyone should have a short and long term goal. Finally, adjust your expenses and review.
Do not eat pizza this holiday and eat garri in subsequent months because you mismanaged your money

Do not go above your budget.

Avoid Credit (tross)
After making your budget, any attempt to go above it might just land you in debt. If you do not have enough money to spend then cut your coat according to your size. Do a scale of preference. You don’t need to attend every event, choose what suits your pocket. Wear what you have.

Nor go tross klos n sus, udat u wan bluff so?

Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking
Excessive drinking of alcohol comes with a lot of health risks such as liver disease, cancer, brain damage, and heart disease.

Also take note: Do not drink and drive in order to avoid accidents and injuries.
Smoking is as harmful as alcohol. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases and reduces the health of smokers in general. It can result in heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.

Smoking is dangerous to your health.

Beware of events at distant locations
You do not need to go to every event, especially events that are in distant locations. If you do not have a car and you are not sure of means of transportation, then don’t go to that location.
You might also end up spending a whole lot on transportation and get to the location empty-handed without proper planning of course.
It is not about attending the events at such places but returning home after. It is quite dangerous. For instance, attending a beach fiesta at Tokeh and not having a car to return. It can get really risky and you might be attacked by armed robbers. Taking bikes or overloaded transports can just land you in an accident.

Avoid multiple partners
This is quite rampant, especially when these JC’s (just come) arrives. This is when our Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters slay with them. Thinking that they have made it in life.
Be careful! STIs are real. Being with one partner is risky not to talk of two or three and some even five.

Heartbreak is also real. Don’t chill in December and cry in January. (As e return e nor call me again), Biya. Osh ya! You have been warned.
Continue saying “wan man or uman nor dae fullop box”, na sick go kerr u go.
Beware, Be warned!

Thorpe be wise!

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