Do you hate your job in Sierra Leone? 4 Tips to find love at work.


If you have a job that you hate life can feel depressing but I’ve come up with 4 tips to help you find joy in your work no matter what.

It is true that not everyone is satisfied with doing their jobs. This is not just so for a specific country, but it happens all around the world. 

There are certain expectations of what you were supposed to be as set by parents or teachers, but that should not stop you from enjoying what you are doing currently.

Assuming you end up becoming a chef when maybe your parents wanted you to become a Doctor.

Should you not do it with love and passion because it doesn’t please them? The obvious answer is NO. All you need to do is stay in the moment and make it enjoyable.

You can be a local bread baker in Sierra Leone and still enjoy doing it. Here are some ways you could enjoy doing what you choose to:

 Make the best out of it:

Since we all have choices in life and have chosen to be in the job we do, it is vital that we make the best out of it. If you do baking, bake the best bread and cakes. Are you a chef in a restaurant or own a small ‘Bafa’? cook the best meals. What brings joy in a job is when you get to give it your best. Always enjoy doing it.

Accept challenges:

Every work/job comes with challenges. They could either be; long working hours, time management pressures, not being promoted.The key to overcoming these is getting it clear of how much you love the job you do by accepting whatever challenge your work brings. When you get this straight, you could enjoy the work in the midst of all these challenges. When you finally get to conquer the challenges in what you do, then you start enjoying the process.

Love what you do:

Many people are not in love with what they do due to one reason of the other. It is true that not everyone will love what you are doing. Let’s say you don’t get to do something new for the next few years, or 

Can’t find a new job. It is important that you concentrate on what you are doing now, and don’t get distracted by worrying about other things you should have done.

Don’t lose interest or energy  over the undesired situation you find yourself.  Love and enjoy every bit of it daily. 

Try to Relax:

As the saying goes, ‘All work and no play…….’ Working requires enthusiasm, but leaving some time to relax makes it enjoyable.

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