Sierra Leone: The 4 Ps of Procurement with Mr. Franklin Ibemessie is the newest course at the FBS (Sign Up Online)


Mr. Franklin Ibemessie has condensed over two decades of procurement expertise into a short course for procurement professionals, managers, and business owners in Sierra Leone.

The 4 Ps of Procurement is the first in a series of courses offered by the Freetown Business School in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

“While procurement activity has existed across the decades, the study of Procurement as a significant body of knowledge is relatively new. The procurement course series implemented by Freetown Business School intends to articulate, imbue, examine and clarify academic strategic procurement concepts, practices and processes across the entire spectrum of the procurement sphere.

For this module, we shall treat the fundamental rationale for procurement (Principles), the strategic plot of procurement (Planning), the legal and regulatory – including the Sierra Leone and multilateral development banks’ – framework(s) (Policies), and the modes of operations (Practices) of procurement.” (FBS)

The Short Course: Principles, Planning, Policies and Practices of Strategic Procurement will be held from the May 21- 25 2018 at the Sierra Lighthouse Hotel.

To register online for the 4Ps of Procurement with Franklin Ibemessie follow this link: Freetown Business School.


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