Sierra Leone: Let bygones be and the gates of Sanctuary Praise be opened


Victor Ajisafe’s comments upset everyone but he has since apologized both in letter and with a video. Why are we continuing to kick a man that is already down? Could it be xenophobia?

This Nigerian man has been in Sierra Leone for over two decades and has built a successful evangelist church brand with multiple branches. His popular “Let My Gate Be Opened” end of the month crusades have blocked roads, filled collection plates, and brought comfort to those who went there to seek it. We have been okay with him and have broken bread with him, and been happy to accept donations from his church during times of calamity like he did in 2015 after the floods and during ebola.

Now the man has said some ill things and his churches have been closed and his license to preach revoked. He must go to the police daily and there is talk that the family of late President Kabbah wants to sue him for defamation. Can you even defame someone who is no longer alive?

Ajisafe made historically inaccurate statements about Sierra Leone’s religious history, called Mufti Menk a liar, and he was disrespectful to Islam but enough already. Why try to destroy what this man and his parishioners and family have built over two decades. Let not envy and fear of Nigerian ingenuity and hard work push this thing out of scope. Let not the vultures in the legal system look to prey on this man and drain him financially like they are known to do when they catch a big fish.

What needs to happen is that the same religious council that went to say they did not stand by the words he spoke should carry themselves and plead on his behalf. They should be olive branching it and talking to the authorities to let bygones be. Parishioners of Sanctuary Praise are being denied their right to worship and fellowship and that to me is a bigger injustice than anything that Ajisafe said.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is time to move beyond and let the gates of Santuary Praise be opened!

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