Yazmin Karim crowned Miss Sierra Leone UK 2015


Yazmin Karim-MissSierraLeoneUK2015-Winner Yazmin Karim-MissSierraLeoneUK2015-winner1 Yazmin-Karim-MissSierraLeoneUK-2015-winner

Yazmin Karim, a 23 year old university graduate who is also a single mother has become the first winner of the Miss Sierra Leone UK Pageant.

She holds A BA in Human Resource Management and she’s training to be a hair stylist.
In her own words

“I enjoy everything and anything to do with hair and using my imagination and talent to create innovative and unique hair styles. I enjoy working out, listening to music, and volunteering at my local youth centre aiding the children with homework and just someone they can speak to with everyday issues.”

“I always said I would never set up a charity for the sake of it, unless it is something that I could personally relate to. So I hope to set up an academy/institute (to become trained hair stylist, salon managers, receptionists with added health and safety/ first aid training) for young/teen mothers, such as myself; of which the academic route isn’t necessarily in their interest. So as an alternative way to gain skills and possibly create jobs. But also as a means to help them make something of their lives.
I also aim to become an advocate for young girls AND boys suffering from child abuse, as it is something so common, severely affecting children and teens alike, yet a subject rarely touched upon especially in developing countries such as Sierra Leone. Being able to reach out to them as almost a way of reassurance, to know they have someone who they can speak to in confidence, for them to know that I care. it is a subject that is close to my heart, and so a charitable project I won’t take lightly.”

On her Inspirations & Goals
“My mother is definitely one of my inspirations with regards to her work ethic. As far as I can remember she has always been very pro active and is the epitome of hard work pays off! Also my spiritual leader at church, she also is a living testimony that no matter what life throws at you, if you put all your hope and trust in God he can turn it all around.”

“Maya Angelou once said ‘people will Forget what you said, what you did, but never how you made them feel’, and I guess my goal in life is to inspire, empower, help people understand their worth. Through examples of my own experience in life thus far.”

On her achievements 
“I would say that my biggest Achievement is beating the stereotypical teen/single mother statistics, from raising my daughter, graduating university and following my dreams in becoming a session stylist. I’m not boasting, as it hasn’t been easy but, with the grace of God it has been a learning journey and one I would not regret if I had to do it all again.”

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