Kei Kamara English Premiership goal that made Sierra Leone history (video)

Kei Kamara at Norwich City FC
Kei Kamara at Norwich City FC
Kei Kamara at Norwich City FC

Within the first 6 minutes of coming into Norwich City FC’s game against Everton over the weekend Sierra Leone’s Kei Kamara became the first from born in the  provinces to score in the English Premiership. If you missed the totally awesome goal, check it out. Norwich went on to beat Everton by 2 goals to 1.

Like ah been saying if you want something done right, send in some Special K.

Fact Check: We previously reported that he was the first Sierra Leone born to score in the Premiership. This is untrue. Chris Bart-Williams signed with Sheffield Wednesday between 1991-1995 and scored 16 goals with that side.


  • A Burney-Nicol

    Chris Bart-Williams (born Freetown 1974) scored a hat trick in Premiership for Sheffield Wednesday against Southampton in the the 1993.