Ivory Coast’s Emmanuel Eboue takes on all of Nigeria on twitter


If like me and the many unexcited football fans you have yet to watch a single AFCON 2013 match I’ll suggest that you at least check out the hilarious tweets from Ivory Coast’s Emmanuel Eboue.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 3.49.27 PM

Eboue has opened a whole can of sh*t talking at Nigeria and my Naija people dey vex.

After Nigeria beat Ethiopia yesterday and qualified for the quarter finals where they’ll face off against Ivory Coast, Eboue went in hard on his timeline. He tweeted about everything from corruption in the Nigerian FA, to the fact they should be ashamed that captain Mikel Obi was the nation’s best player.

Emmanual Eboue on Twitter

My favorite tweet though has to be where he tweeted “cover your face”  on the shame that Nigerians should feel at Naija TV’s inability to broadcast the games to its people.

Thanks to Eboue we’re all gonna have to tune in to watch Nigeria vs Ivory Coast. In the meantime you can find more hilarious tweets @therealeboue. So so shakara!






  • Fred


    • No be ur fault na our FA I blame is the FA that gives dirty idiot like u to talk to Nigeria in that manner dirty cow like u don’t worry sunday shall tell if u re that good why did Zambia beat ur team in de final in 2012 edition u open ur large smelling mouth to insult my country I reserve my comment till sunday idiot.

      • jimmy

        bros thank you joh,eboue abi na wetin be him name self, wetin him sabi, hu even knw the club wey him the curently with him big head.

  • Kachi

    Even if Ivory coast wins Nigeria come sunday,the world will not end but sunday shall tell,U call urself eboue or what.Algeria nearly beat you today.Remember that our beloved super eagles have not lost any game in this competition.Remember Zambia beat u guys last,dont worry u pple will cry again,time shall tell.

  • Hamid Adiamoh

    Eboue has only spoken his mind, and by all standards that shouldn’t be a crime. Why do Nigerians find it so hard to accept that we do not have a good team these years?
    That is only normal, fortune come and go. Today countries like Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana are the darlings of African football, it was Senegal some years ago. It has once been Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria has taken its turn.
    Abeg, glory doesn’t live in a specific country, let the joy go around jare.

  • teejay

    eboue u’re a senseless & imbecile player,football is nt about star studded,remembr in d last nations cup,ZAMBIA team were witout any star & dey went on to beat ur team wit ur DROGBA,YAYA,COLO& d rest,u’re a kid,i thought u’v sense but u’r nt,