Sierra Leone Police kill 2 miners on strike at Israeli-owned Octea Group in Kono


The Sierra Leone Police has shot and killed two diamond miners in Kono at a strike at Octea Mining Group reports Africa Review.

Octea Group previously  traded as Koidu Holdings, is an Israeli mining company run by South African expatriates in the east of Sierra Leone.

Workers at the mine went on strike over “wages”, “risk allowance”, “transportation, and “social security benifits”.

Police opened fire on the workers for stoning the motorcade of Minkailu Mansaray, Minister of Mines.

This is the second confrontation between police and miners to have turned deadly this year.

In April police shot at workers on strike at an iron ore mine owned by African Minerals in the Northern province.

  • Sandra

    Seriously???? the “Israeli-owned” in the title is necessary? perhaps if the article is about conditions in mines. but the story is about Sierra leon police that shoot its own people. the titles is misleading as if the Israeli owned shot them! bad report, totally unprofessional and also reading the article you can tell south africa is managing on field. I’ve been reporting from Africa including SL for quite a while. This is one awful report clearly with a writer’s agenda or propaganda instead of focusing on what’s really important.

  • Alusine Afriju

    It is very inhuman to kill a born sierra leonean because of poor wages . The police in sierra Leone are the worst government created rouge institution to handle issues of mining in kono dist. By the way,why should they kill striking miners who wants their voice to be heard for the President to change issues of miners. It is a shame for a foreign based company to use our citizen to work for them with such deplorable conditions and turn around to be a weapon/a killer machine for poor un arm sierra leoneans in the name of minerals. Why cant we do things on our own to save life. The police is still need to be looked at for remainance of Pah Foday Sankohs boys.

  • I don’t really want to put a direct blame on Octea in the first place, its because of the so called police are not working in the interest of our beloved nation and her citizens, cuz if they do I see no amount of mone that will make u use a gun against the civilians who are workers of the said company NOT armed rubbers. Money is what causes all these, just because they were given a little sum of money. But the goverment is highly responsible for this cuz he own the police and they do exactly what he says. There let him be blamed.

  • berry stone

    Police in sierra leone specially the with no butten are just tools, the man recive jus 2, 3rd of his salary 6x less than his reposibility the rest is thak u SIR to the black hand this haw poor man end to be faulty to grace the evel richer.