Peepuls says Inside Salone we all na mate [New Music]


The trending joke in Sierra Leone now is ‘inside Salone we all na mate’ an acknowledgement of man and woman sharing. Although it’s hard to believe, it might actually be true . First off the country  is very small and everyone knows eachother. The likelihood that you are sharing your partner with another man or woman is very high.

Growing up in Freetown and basically dating few men, I must really admit that inside Salone we all na mate. I remember an incident a few years back when this guy asked three of my friends out..But since they knew the game and ‘experts’ at it, they decided to play the game very well. Basically they would go visit the guy and if by any means they met up at his house the ladies acted like they did not know each other, and they kept it moving.

So check out this new song from Peepuls feat Comforta proclaiming what we already know “wi all na mate”

  • Mimi

    Vicki please explain this to me i worked in Salone as an expatriate and was shocked that people actually considered double/triple dating by both sexes as normal what worried me is the impact this would have in combating HIV/Aids…has it always been like this?