Sierra Leone’s BBA contestant Zainab Sheriff first fight with Angola’s Seydou [video]


Just 24 hours into Big Brother 7 Sierra Leone’s Zainab Sheriff has shown that she can hold  her own. She and housemate Seydou from Angola got into a verbal confrontation after Seydou accused Zainab of being uncultured because she was eating with her hand. Seydou  called Zainab was unladylike for putting her fingers into her food. Zainab retorted that eating with her hands was part of her African roots. A hot exchange of words followed with Zainab calling Seydou a fake 50 Cent and Seydou responded by call her  B****.

Seydou I don’t know how y’all do it Angola but in Salone we eat with our hands!

And the drama continues…