Video of the Week: ‘Something is drawing investors to Sierra Leone’ – SLIEPA

aerial shot of Bumbuna

With its aerial shots of Sierra Leone’s green lush mountains and shots of rising industries this video is probably the best I’ve seen on Salone in a while. It is a great promotional tool for the Sierra Leone Import Export Promotion Agency.

Some of the companies mentioned and include: Addax Bioenergy Sierra Leone ltd, London Mining, Dragon Transport, Sierra Fisheries, Africa Felix, First Step Economic Zone, Joule Africa, Hilton, Radisson, and Bliss Patisserie.

Granted almost all of the business profiled are foreign owned or operated, its still great to see Sierra Leone to beautifully framed. Now if they can just work on creating opportunities for indegenous entrepreneurs we’ll all be happy.

To quote my American friend “aint no fun if the homies can’t have none”

  • Sierra Leone is rising indeed, some lost hope a long time ago by certain individuals. For you to acknowledge your true friend, just wait until times are hard then they will show their true colours. In times past many Sierra Leonean thought this was the end until God smiled ones at Sierra Leone. ” IF GOD BE FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US”.

  • Blanshard Meheux

    There is of course a tremendous difference between what I just saw here, and what I experienced in Sierra Leone. Foreigners dominate every ounce of trade in the country, Freetown is overcrowded, filthy and confused. Poverty abounds in its extremity, law and order is non existent, why in God’s name would the government allow okada’s which to me is an accident waiting to happen to roam dangerously with absolutely no boundries within which to operate. What is the difference between an investor and a reap off exploiter? What in the world is going on in that country?