Ice Prince kicks off AFROBEATS Festival in Sierra Leone [PHOTOS]


Ice Prince at the Afrobeats Festival in Sierra Leone 2011
The following artists performed at Freetown’s first Afrobeats festival: Ice Prince “Oleku”, Chubby Asa, Lex Bubble, Heyden Adama, Star Zi Zi, Triple C, Mr B, Sara Di Great, General Marmie and others. For more on the afrobeats festival find them on facebook.
Nick Asgill (producer), in black T at the afrobeats festival in Freetown, Sierra LeoneBassem Ayoub aka Mr. B at the 1st annual Afrobeats FestivalStar Zero at the 1st annual afrobeats festivalChubby Asa at 1st afrobeats festivalGeneral Marmie at the first afrobeats festival in freetown, Sierra Leone